Closer Look At 10 Cric’s Casino Bonus

Gambling in India can come with a wide variety of satisfactions. From discovering intense games to invest into enjoying the bonuses that you can receive by joining interesting online casinos. And one of the best casinos that you will find on the Indian market is the 10 Cric’s casino. Even if this casino reached the Indian market relatively recent, the impact it had on the industry was intense. And the popularity of the casino comes mainly from the type of bonuses it offers to new gamblers!

As soon as you create an account on the 10 Cric’s casino, you will have the possibility to receive on of the three 10cric bonuses. These bonuses are strongly connected to the first three deposits you choose to make on the casino’s website. The first deposit will bring you a 100% bonus that can reach the value of ₹20,000, as well as ₹1000 free bets.


The second deposit will bring you a bonus of 75%, which can get to be up to  ₹25,000 and not less than free bets of ₹2000. Finally, your third deposit brings you a 50%bonus of your deposit with the same highest value of ₹25,000 as well as another  ₹2000 free bets.

To these amazing online bonuses that are there to make new players feel welcome, there is a 150% bonus for those who choose to invest in the live section of the casino.

While most casinos offer just one welcome bonus, connected to the first deposit a player makes, this 10 Cric casino goes a lot further by offering three different welcome bonuses. Your minimum deposit should be ₹500, and you can’t access these three bonuses more than once. Besides that, you will have to create a legit account with your payment method already set. You should also make sure that your account is confirmed and active before you start considering to make a deposit.

It is crucial as well to use the three different codes, TOPPLAY1, TOPPLAY2, TOPPLAY3 that go for each one of your first three deposits. To make the most out of these bonuses, it is a good idea to know just what you are planning to play in terms of gambling games because there are several options to invest in. So, you should try your luck on more games before you have your heart set on one of them because you never know where your luck can materialize better! Go to see for yourself at 10 Cric’s casino and have a great gambling time!

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